Live Monthly Support While You Implement & Scale Your Business.

I hope you’re making your way through the Six-Figure Business Accelerator* and soaking up all the lessons that make a successful 6-figure+ online business. 

Knowledge is power – but knowledge without action leaves you chasing your tail.

If you know you want support and crave some accountability while you implement everything you’re learning (so that your business scales into the dream you’ve got on your vision board), join THE LOOP Support Incubator monthly membership.

What is THE LOOP?

  1. THE LOOP gives you access to a live monthly zoom group coaching call with Kirsten, where you can ask all the questions that come up for you as you apply the lessons to your business.
  2. You’ll also be added to a monthly Voxer broadcast channel where you’ll be able to submit questions ahead of time and get Kirsten’s coaching responses to the most potent questions in a group Voxer broadcast channel once/month.

Join THE LOOP for only $299/mo, and cancel at any time.

Get instant access to 3 bonus program, the Instagram Intensive workbook, and loads of mindset and strategy tips to help you navigate the ups and downs.

*You don't have to be in the Six-Figure Business Accelerator (S.F.B.A.) to join The Loop. However, your business will be significantly more successful if you have the knowledge and lessons from a successful 7-figure entrepreneur to help you build, scale, and pivot your online coaching or course creator business! We highly recommend joining the S.F.B.A.

Business success is about commitment to your journey, and commitment to growth. That's why this membership exists.