REPEAT Masterclass

Learn what it takes to turn clients into repeat buyers who rave about your world - because you're not here to have one-and-done interactions with the humans in your world. You're here for impact.


  • having immediate sales notifications come through after you post your next offer
  • knowing your audience is on a journey with you that will outlive their current container in your world
  • connecting with your clients in such a way that you are truly, genuinely having an impact on their lives, instead of having a transactional relationship.
  • And imagine knowing that your business has raving fans that will always join everything you create, because they are that connected to your offers.


...sales means you don't have to focus on cold marketing

...customers speak to the value of your offers

...customers are likely to make larger purchases

...customers share your resources with their friends (free word of mouth!)

A sustainable business is built on strategy and structure - and that includes creating "lifers" who can't wait to join your next offer.

Join me in this masterclass as I teach you why & how clients stay in my world - even through price changes and shifts in how I run containers.

Note: This masterclass is pre-recorded. Upon purchase, you will receive lifetime access.



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